Breast milk storage bags are specifically bags that are designed to store baby milk that is specifically made of BPA such as Medela’s breast collection milk.

Most mothers find it convenient to use storage bags especially when they are getting back to work after maternity leave. At times they could even be separated from their young ones due to health issues.

An example is whereby a mother has been hospitalized and forced to leave the baby under someone else’s care. The milk can be pumped and delivered at home for the baby to use.

The breast milk storage bags are washable and reusable and if care has been taken upon them, then they can be used for up to three times, and this is the best option in the modern-day storage for the babies’ milk.

There are therefore guidelines that should be followed and among them are outlined below:

  1. Always ensure to wash your hands before collecting the milk to avoid any contamination. If you have sanitizer, use it with alcohol which is not above 60degrees.
  2. The breast pump, the bottles and the containers one is using to parts should be clean. If not conversant with the use of the pump, refer to the manual which is always available when purchasing and follow the directions
  3. Pumping should be done when one is relaxed to ensure that it will stimulate the production of more milk. Otherwise, when under pressure, one may not be able to pump enough for the baby for the period she will be away
  4. Immediately after the baby is through with breastfeeding, try to pump at such a time since the milk is not completely empty and this can be used for later.
  5. It is a good practice that when the baby is breastfeeding on one breast the other is being pumped. This stimulates even more milk to be produced and more production for a later pump
  6. When very new, the mother may find difficult pumping but as time goes on, one gets used to it so it is good to persist pumping until you excel since this is a practice and it makes perfect at the end of it all.
  7. Ensure that while pumping, you use the right size of pump for efficient pumping and also comfort Normally Medela is one of the manufactures that make different and comfortable sizes to fit each person according to the size of the breast
  8. If one has returned to work or away from the baby, keep pumping at least three times a day and store the milk in the storage bags for later use. By pumping often it stimulates milk production which the baby will breastfeed once you come back home.

There are those storage bags that one does not have to necessarily use another bottle to feed the baby, they can themselves be used since they have the option of a nipple


When storing breast milk, ensure that it is stored in small amounts such that the baby will use it only once. Any remainder should be disposed of off to prevent any contamination and the baby will remain healthy.