When your bundle of joy arrives, time stands still for a short moment so when it resumes, life is never the same again. Overnight, a relationship becomes a family group, the youngest child is no more the infant, and other siblings start vying for attention.

Whether or not the infant is number 1 or number 4, for the parents and family, this is a wonderful occasion that people naturally want to cherish and treasure, forever. I liken it to your day you say, ‘I do’ and an ever-subtle, unseen transfer occurs in the universe.

While not noticeable to the naked eyeball, this shift occurs as a force, so beautiful and powerful that it can be captured on camera. So, it’s no surprise then that newborn picture taking can be an ever-growing trend-particularly amongst new parents.

Take it from somebody who knows

As a new baby photographer, we are there when the magic happens, and there is nothing more fulfilling and humbling than finding that magic instant in a professional portrait and being part of this family’s incredible first couple of weeks of their new lives. It’s a privilege and an honor. However, within an unregulated industry, newborn photography enthusiasts are advertising their services all over.

And sadly, a number of unsafe tactics, are sadly all too common when it comes to newborn photography. Lately, there was an incredibly unsafe trend to place new newborns in a cup bowl of gumballs. Not only can the gumballs switch preventing the baby’s lungs from extending, but the cup could also easily break and the outcome could be devastating.

Furthermore, we live also seeing budding photographers trying to reproduce the task of professional newborn photographers, which isn’t just producing cringe-worthy results but is also putting lots of new babies in precarious situations.

If you’re unsure of what sort of photographer has achieved a particular portrait, it’s more than likely that the results are the result of many years of experience and thousands of hours spent on Photoshop.

The newborn photographer checklist

In any case, the checklist below is to help you ensure you’re making the right choice when selecting a new baby photographer to safely handle your important new cargo.

Ensure the photographer has Open public Liability Insurance, in the event that something unforeseen occurs during the photo shoot.

Concur that your photographer is been trained in medical, and specifically, child and baby medical.

Be sure your photographer has a Working With Children permit, and ask for their guide number, or to see a copy of their qualification.

Validate whether your newborn photographer is trained to handle and create the newborn safely and correctly. Many poses are not what they appear, as images tend to be stitched mutually in Photoshop to guarantee the baby is usually safe. Take the example of an image of the infant dangling from a basket – the photographer has taken a photograph of the container and an image of the baby safely on the floor and then used Photoshop to stitch the images alongside one another.

Be sure you ask your newborn photographer if they’re vaccinated, as new babies cannot receive all their vaccinations so that it is imperative that the photographer reveals no associated risk to the baby’s health.

If you’re planning on photographing your stunning new baby, please research your facts because there are way too many people just pointing and clicking, with little matter for the baby’s health insurance and safety, that ought to continually be our number one priority.